34 Lessons From My 34 Years

They say 33 is the happiest age. Most people don't buy it, but having spent the last 365 days testing this hypothesis, I agree. Your 30's are a point in the continuum of life when you've worked out the kinks, found your stride, and you're finally benefitting from all those wonderful life lessons.

Here are 34 noteworthy gems from my 34 years on the planet. Enjoy and share.

  1. The person who uses calm down first wins the argument
  2. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing (credit)
  3. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission
  4. Begin with the end in mind (credit)
  5. Spend less than you make and want less than you think you need
  6. Never, never, never give up (credit)
  7. Keep an open mind to the fact that you may be the problem
  8. Your children are the greatest legacy you will leave on this earth
  9. The secret to creativity is hiding your sources (credit)
  10. Don’t be afraid to fake it until you make it
  11. You are the sum of every single decision you’ve ever made
  12. Men want and need respect like women want and need love (credit)
  13. Don’t complain; change the situation or change your attitude
  14. Stop talking about what you’re going to do, and just do it
  15. The best way to avoid greed is to give generously
  16. Successful people simply do what other people aren’t willing to do
  17. You’re capable of anything, and the only thing holding you back is you
  18. Ask yourself what you’re passionate about, and go do that
  19. You’re only as good as your word, be sure to keep it
  20. A desire for reading is one of the best gifts you can give your children
  21. Salvation is a gift but the ultimate prize is truly knowing God
  22. Write down your goals and look at them often
  23. A person is successful in life based on their response to failure (credit)
  24. If you’re not in over your head you’re not learning anything
  25. The most encouraging person is one with an attitude of thankfulness
  26. You are a product of your environment and the people around you
  27. Live with purpose and passion, never one without the other
  28. If you want to stay young your entire life, never stop learning
  29. Never make job decisions based on money alone
  30. An expert is just failing in every possible way in a narrow field (credit)
  31. The person you marry has the ability to make or break your life
  32. Having something encouraging to say, and not saying it is a tragedy
  33. Happiness is doing what you love; success is getting paid to do it
  34. Do your best, live honestly and give the rest to God

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